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Pictures and Projects from God’s Saturday Friends Class during Pandemic

I would like to introduce you to the amazing group of people from our Saturday class at our loving church and share with you some photos of their projects.

First, our Church meets on Saturday, so we have Saturday school instead of Sunday school. The name of our loving church is ”God’s Special Church aka Community with a Cause.” Our wonderful family is open to all and wants to support the families and caregivers of those who have handicaps or disabilities, are mentally challenged or nonverbal in some cases. Our class has named themselves “God’s Saturday Friends.” Most of them attend Life Enrichment classes, Special Olympics, some had jobs, doing all sorts of things and others have volunteer placements in the community. The attendees range from 10 to 60 years old.

Upon the sequestering, I made a promise to myself that they would have something once a week, a card, a coloring page or craft project. I wanted to let them know and feel apart of something since they have to be taken away from their routines, and wanted to ensure that they were not forgotten as they may not understand why their lives have drastically changed. So, I made a promise to to myself and them to be in touch with cards, projects or coloring pages, with hands on activities. As of now, I haven’t missed a week. My heart is overwhelmed by the resulting projects and pictures from the activities.

First, the Easter season was upon on us, there were all the Easter Cards I sent to them. There as a Palm Sunday card with Jesus riding the Donkey, the last supper card where the students were to place all 12 disciples and Jesus at the supper table, Jesus carrying the cross up the hill, and then the resurrection of the dove and Jesus. OH, and I can’t leave out the Easter spring (bouncing) card.

All of the cards have some kind of hands-on part as so they may interact with them. We came to Mother’s Day and the crafts began. They had a card they could sign and a beading craft necklace that could give to their mothers or caregivers.

We had quite a bit of rain for a few days so they were able to make their own rainbow and read scriptures from the clouds.

For Memorial Day, they received a card and I-Spy sheets.

The pandemic was in full force and here in St. Mary's county, they received a card of Jesus holding the whole world in His hands to show that Jesus was taking care of us. They also received an inflatable globe that they could fill with air and play with outside.

The clouds had cleared and birds started coming out, so everyone received material to make a bird mobile and material to make a hot air balloon.

Then Jesus spoke and said SHOW THEM MY YOUTH as a carpenter’s son with bright coloring pages. They recently received a Father’s Day card.

With summer here, I have plans for more interactive and coloring projects to keep us in touch with each other until we all safely return to our Special Church in person in our classrooms. God will keep us safe and protected till we are all together again, and it is best to stay busy. You only get out of life what you put into it.

Thank you for all of the wonderful pictures. I've posted them here so that everyone from our church can see what a great job you all have done.

With all my love to my class,

Miss Marie

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