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Fulfilling the “Great Commission” by supporting our 3 Missionaries across the Globe starting in 2024!

Missionary #1

Kristin Aldridge (Campus Outreach) - Missionary in Christchurch, New Zealand

(More than half of New Zealanders identify as non-religious)


  • Kristin shares the Gospel with University of Canterbury International students

    • Many students are from countries that are closed to western missionaries

    • Food based events are used to meet students, build relationships, & share the Gospel

    • Kristin mentors Christian college students to maturity in their faith






Missionary #2

Toby Mann (Chosen People Ministries – U.S.) – Jewish Missionary/Pastor in the Washington D.C. area

(Nearly 400,000 Jewish people live in that area & 99% do not believe that Jesus is the Messiah)

  • Toby is Pastor of the Son of David Congregation (Messianic Jews) in Rockville, MD

  • Toby shares the Gospel with the Jewish people in the DC area through:

    • Street evangelism

    • College campus ministry

    • Building connections with Christians who have Jewish friends

  • Toby takes a 1-2 week Mission trip to New York City during the summer

    • Hands out literature and Bibles that include Messianic prophecies









Missionary #3

Michael Thomas (Chosen People Ministries - Int’l) – Missionary serving Israeli travelers in New Zealand

(Thousands visit immediately after mandatory military service & before their next big chapter of life)


  • Michael is the Director of Celebrate Messiah New Zealand – with a team of staff & volunteers

    • The Mission - focused on Jewish evangelism and equipping the church

  • Has a team of born-again believers from around the world including Hebrew speaking Israelis

    • Committed to teaching and training in Jewish evangelism

    • Sharing the Gospel in a way that “speaks” to the people of Israel

  • Leads a “Hospitality” ministry building relationships & sharing life with Israeli travelers who

    • Are surprisingly open to discussing life’s most important questions

    • Often ask: “Why do you love us when the rest of the world hates us”?

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